Ag in the Classroom

Job Opening: Ag in the Classroom Coordinator (Part-time)

If interested in applying, please send a cover letter and resume to the hiring supervisor at

Job Description

Reports to:

  • The Ag in the Classroom Coordinator will report to, be administratively responsible to, and supervised/directed by the Farm Bureau Manager. The primary objective of this position is to carry out the goals and objectives of the Edgar County Ag in the Classroom program.


  • Gain access to teachers and educators in Edgar County
  • Conduct interactive hands on Ag. Literacy lessons for teachers and students of Edgar County that provide students the opportunity to taste products of agricultures. These lessons should include Illinois Farm Bureau Ag Mags for take home.
  • Explore ways to gain additional support for the program in Edgar County from Illinois Farm Bureau, other County Farm Bureaus Soil and Water Conservation Districts, U of I Extension, commodity groups such as Pork Producers, Illinois Soybean Assoc., and Corn Growers etc. in the form of funding, time, and materials
  • Develop and distribute a newsletter for teachers to inform them of opportunities, information and resources available to them
  • Assist the County Manager in developing and implementing fundraisers such as the spring collection campaign and the Taste of Edgar County
  • Operate and Maintain Social Media Accounts for Ag in the Classroom
  • Participate in district and state Ag literacy coordinator meetings and Illinois Farm Bureau Ag literacy programs
  • Recruit and train volunteers to assist in the program and fundraising events
  • Submit receipts of purchases for AITC program accounting and coordinator reimbursement when purchasing supplies to the Admin. Assistant/Bookkeeper in a timely manner
  • Submit weekly time sheet report of activities to Admin. Assistant/Bookkeeper
  • Attend at least 3 public community events to display ag in the classroom
  • Ag in the Classroom Coordinator is responsible for helping develop a budget and to monitor and maintain said outlined budget
  • Ag in the Classroom Coordinator should attend Foundation board meetings and yield to program governance, policy, and direction.



  1. One year of work related experience (paid or unpaid)
  2. Familiarity with diverse communities
  3. Good oral and written communication skills
  4. Agriculture background preferred but not mandatory
  5. Access to a personal automobile and possesses a valid license


Operating Guidelines

  • Follow job description and other duties assigned
  • Office & staff should consult with, and inform Manager, with regard to normal operations and have the responsibility to communicate items to the Manager, which the Manager may or may not be aware of, that may be different or unusual nature. In the event of a situation(s) that is most unusual in the opinion of the office staff, they may communicate with the President.
  • Office & staff positions are expected to be helpful to the Manager at all times for the purpose of seeing that office operations, administration, and service to members is always at its best.
  • Office & staff positions are to conduct their actions in a manner befitting a professional
  • Office & staff positions will be evaluated by the Manager (at least annually) on regular performance appraisal items. Some type of an approved performance appraisal form and/or report will be kept on file by the County Farm Bureau Manager. The employee will receive a copy of this report.
  • Personnel policies for wage hour employees, with regard to sick leave, funeral leave, vacations etc. and other such related subjects are spelled out in the “Wage Hour Personnel Policies” document involved with these materials.


$12/hour, ~25 hours a week, mileage reimbursed at IRS rate, professional development opportunities.



To promote agricultural awareness and consumer education among students, teachers, and the general public in order to ensure our continued access to a safe, abundant, and affordable domestic food supply.  The committee also works with educators to provide educational opportunities and user-friendly educational materials for all ages.


Classroom Visits:

The Ag Literacy Coordinator works with teachers to help students connect farm to food through several agriculture presentations. Each presentation contains interactive programs that complement lessons in science, math, social studies and reading. Popular classroom presentations include soybeans, pork, beef, soil, and embryology.

Conservation Day:

Ag in the Classroom sponsors presenters from University of Illinois Extension, local garden clubs, Natural Resources Service, and the local Soil and Water Conservation Service. Students learn concepts in preventing soil erosion, wildlife care, relationships between predators and prey, and ecology from a terrarium.

Classroom Resources:

In addition to classroom presentations, teachers in Edgar County have access to tons and tons of resources at Edgar County Farm Bureau. Our library features books on agriculture, agriculture learning kits, and ready made lesson plans! For any questions or to request materials, call Edgar County Farm Bureau at (217) 465-8511.

To view or print Ag Mags available online visit Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom