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In 1917, farmers across Edgar County gathered to discuss expanded access to information on improved methods in agriculture.   From farmers’ initial talks, organizers developed grassroots organization Edgar County Farm Bureau complete with a full slate of officers and by-laws. Early farm bureau members intended Edgar County Farm Bureau as a resource for access to agriculture education as well as agriculture advocacy both stateside and nationally. Per by-laws, a board of Directors consisting of 19 farmers governs Edgar County Farm Bureau. Staying true to grassroots traditions, members continue to direct policy and programs and guide Edgar County Farm Bureau into the future.


Today, Edgar County Farm Bureau serves as a source for agriculture advocacy, consumer education, and communication connection. Even in rural Edgar County, farmers account for less than 1% of the population. Edgar County Farm Bureau recognizes the shift from farm to urban population and continues to adapt to a changing population. Farmers find value in marketing sessions, agriculture advocacy in legislative affairs, continued access to policy changes, and support in grain and livestock operations. Families find value in Agriculture in the Classroom with students in classrooms throughout Edgar County. Teachers find value in continuing professional development hours through agriculture teacher in-service training. All members appreciate trips and services such as Cubs/Cardinals baseball games, theater trips, big bus trips, and educational classes.


Healthy food and strong business: Edgar County Farm Bureau leads the way with grassroots farm programs and consumer education that promotes a healthy food system and business climate for Edgar County.

Information: From our quarterly publication to workshops, members receive access to meaningful information about farm and marketing programs, community educational programs, and member trips.

Community outreach: Edgar County Farm Bureau awards scholarships, provides educational materials to schools, participates in community festivals and supports local FFA Chapters and 4-H Youth.

Scholarship Applications

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Valuable discount program: Members receive valuable discounts from a wide range of businesses.