Job Opening: Ag in the Classroom Coordinator (Part-time)

The Edgar County Farm Bureau is looking for a knowledgeable and motivated ag educator to conduct lessons for the Ag in the Classroom program.

Click on the link for more information: Ag In the Classroom Coordinator

Our organization actively serves the Edgar County community. Since 1917, Edgar County Farm Bureau recognizes the unique needs in a rural community. From rural advocacy to leadership development, we work on behalf of agriculture to improve our community as a whole.  We encourage the non-farming community, ag professionals, and farmers to collaborate to continue safe and healthy food production.

The success of Edgar County Farm Bureau depends on your engagement and dedication to Edgar County. Feel free to look at current events and activities. We welcome any all members to participant in picnics, trips, educational events and any volunteer work! We hope you find this resource helpful in maximizing the value of your membership by actively participating in your Edgar County Farm Bureau®.

We continue our efforts to provide you a membership that is both valuable and affordable.  If you have any concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact our office. After all, our strength is in our members!

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